July 30, 2017

This July I got to experience a magnificent adventure with close family and a new friend, Captain Gary Powell. I grew up on the coast but was spoiled with motor boats and friends sailing me around. Sadly I never learned how to properly sail. Yes, I know the basics and was way more confident on a Hobie Cat Trimaran, but I have always wanted to take the dive into a proper sailing lesson.

Keith and I set out online to find a local boat to chart on the South Shore of Boston. This was a tricky endeavor. For many boat charters in the area are geared towards fishing and big rigs taking you out to Provincetown, to catch the big boys!


After many emails, calls, and conversations we landed on Mr. Powell. He grew up in the Boston area and recently retired on The South Shore with the goal to charter his 34ft Cabo Rico “Spin Drift”. He is a charismatic ole’ Yankee and is full of good conversations and a wealth of knowledge.

Keith and Gary immediately took to one another and a bond was formed. I’m not the most coordinated person and tend to get a little timid in unfamiliar situations, but Keith is a fearless adventurer. Meanwhile, I climbed up to the bow, perched myself below the boom and enjoyed a peaceful day at sea.

If you are looking for a wonderful day on the water, full of captivating company, a history lesson or two and a beautiful cruise, then Captain Powell is the man for you. He will take you around Duxbury point for a half a day or full days trip on his beautiful craft.  


We ended the day at Roht Marine, up in Marshfield Ma. For a few well-deserved drinks and an early seafood dinner. Keith and I will be making this an annual adventure and look forward to our next sail!

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