May 24, 2017

After several years of moving from New England to New York, Keith and I finally settled in Jamaica Plain, MA and are happy to announce that we resigned our lease for the 3rd year in a row. People, this is record breaking for us gypsies!

It took me a solid 18 months to finally figure out the solution for our work from home lifestyle. We swapped out the office and living room spaces. Now we enter the apartment first, by the office, leading into the living room, then ending into the kitchen and hall. We have a classic Boston railroad style layout, which can be a tricky situation for some. When we were both working in town at offices, it was convenient to have the center space as a dining room, but as life goes, we must make accommodations for life’s constant changes, in lieu the dining room was but a fleeting dream.

The main feature of the show is our lux CB2 sectional, this beauty is a real dream for city dwellers. All of CB2’s sofas and sectionals are designed to be modular, fitting up any narrow stairwell or any doorway! It also isn’t restricted to your typical one sided L-sofa. This baby can be styled for left or right lounging, this is such a luxury and we have lived with it both ways in several different apartments. A big purchase that we never regretted and I am happy to promote to clients!

Here we found our paint colors, the walls in the living room are in Benjamin Moore’s “Coventry Gray” + office walls in “Decorator’s White” + the kitchen in “Narragansett Green” these 3 cool tones create a soothing flow throughout the apartment. I worked off of existing artwork that was given to me, a beautiful lithograph of hummingbirds in an antique gold frame. These warm tones were a great accent to keep the french doors in their unfinished desired look.

I always try and blend old with new, repurposing treasured vintage finds and matching them with new clean-lined modern accents. I like to leave a touch of boho to my spaces, giving the room a lived-in feel.  Here I used eclectic throw pillows and an African dyed blanket. Lastly, plants, don’t forget plants. Having houseplants is such an import part of making a room feel more inviting. It adds dimension to the negative space and the pop of green in any room will always be a good addition.

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