August 23, 2017

After five years of dating my best friend, we are happy to announce that we are brilliantly engaged! Keith, the most thoughtful man I’ve met to date, my friends refer to him as ‘The Duke” for his overly qualified gentlemanliness, asked me to marry him on August 6th in our little neighborhood in Boston.

After our morning excitement, he surprised me with a romantic getaway to my favorite little hidden gem of a city, Hudson NY. We enjoyed a cozy and highly accommodating airbnb on the main strip of Warren Street. This was key for our stay, we wanted, I mean had to have our little pup Howard along with us. After all, he thinks he runs our little family, how could we leave him behind?!

The town is a sleepy historical art center. It sits atop a perch at the edge of the Hudson River overlooking the views of the Catskills Mountains to the west. The little town of Woodstock, just a quick 30-minute drive, boasting it’s hippy name. I highly recommend taking the time to visit, if one has a car!

But as for the town of Hudson, there is plenty to do. We first celebrated with a delicious Italian dinner at Ca’Mea, and a drink at a divey yet trendy watering hole. The next morning we enjoyed popping into the art gallery’s, dreaming up what type of abstract landscapes we would adorn on our walls one day. Skipping into antique stores, with Keith entertaining me, while I lectured about each and ever decade and origin of each piece and why the price was so steep (eye roll) or such a steel we just had to have it! I truly can’t pass up a good bargain, I think that’s the Yankee in me.


Now that the mini-moon is over, on to the planning! We have our heart set on Hudson and we plan to share our wedding adventures along the way! So keep an eye out for eclectic venues, tasty baked goods, and swoon-worthy decorations. Blog posts to come, stay tuned!

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